Two grizzled veterans and three stars in the making ace out the competition as Jabcat’s nominees for Best Supporting Actor In A Movie 2010. As a bonus, Jabcat presents five Honorable […]

Who Are Those Crazy Harry Potter Fans Camping Out In Line For Midnight Shows?

Curious who those crazy and enthusiastic Harry Potter fans are, the ones who camp out in line for hours, waiting to see the film on opening day? Meet Christina. Christina, […]

COUNTDOWN TO ZERO – Movie Review By David Malsch

Guest Review By David Malsch/CopperDocs Photo Courtesy Magnolia Pictures A couple of nights ago I was ripped out of a sound sleep at four in the morning from a savage and […]

What’s Really Behind Movie Studios Objecting To Cantor Exchange And Box Office Futures?

A few days ago the Big Six movie studios used their trade org, the MPAA, to raise objections with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regarding movie box office futures, currently […]

Worst Oscars Show Of The Modern Era: 2010 Oscar Lays A Giant Egg

The 2010 Oscars were painful to watch. Three-and-a-half hours of TV hell. It may be the worst and most boring Oscar show of the modern era. Kristen Stewart looked embarrassed to be […]