Jabcat On Movies is currently looking for new contributors to write about movies and the movie business. Here’s what we’re searching for:

WRITERS who pen engaging movie reviews of the latest Hollywood and art house flicks.

JOURNALISTS who generate intriguing feature stories about the film industry and people in it.

COLUMNISTS/BLOGGERS who offer penetrating commentary about the state of movies and the movie biz.

NEWSHOUNDS who report the latest film happenings and offer their own unique spin on breaking news from the casting and production worlds.

SPECIALISTS who know the art house & indie film world inside out and can share their knowledge with the masses.

LOCAL EXPERTS who reside in major metro areas (USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific, other) and can provide updates on what’s happening in local cinemas, theaters and film production.

We offer contributors prominent bylines, great exposure and a link to their own website, blog, Twitter or Facebook account.

If you have the experience or talent, drop us a line and include clips or links to your work. If you haven’t been published, write something and prove your point!

Contact and write “contributor” in the subject line.