Oscar Presenters: Dream Duos Who Would Spice Up The Show

Names of Oscar presenters dribble out every year during the months leading up to the Big Night. This year was no exception. We’re one-upping the Academy this year, offering our unsolicited […]


Two grizzled veterans and three stars in the making ace out the competition as Jabcat’s nominees for Best Supporting Actor In A Movie 2010. As a bonus, Jabcat presents five Honorable […]

Worst Oscars Show Of The Modern Era: 2010 Oscar Lays A Giant Egg

The 2010 Oscars were painful to watch. Three-and-a-half hours of TV hell. It may be the worst and most boring Oscar show of the modern era. Kristen Stewart looked embarrassed to be […]

Top 10 Movies 2009

Here are the Top 10 Movies I Saw in 2009: 10. Moon (Sam Rockwell plays a worker maintaining a space station who’s been cloned several times and doesn’t know it) […]