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Random Thought On Movies
By Perri Nemiroff (aka Little Miss Critical)
A Jabcat On Movies Column



It’s about that time; a certain something has reached its peak and if I don’t let it out, I might explode.

How do terrible movies get made? Do you know how many films enter the development stage to never see a green light? The numbers are astounding and that’s what makes the fact that garbage like Abduction is able to hit theaters downright appalling. Didn’t Lionsgate or whatever production company’s responsible for giving this one the go-ahead do any coverage? How about Taylor Lautner’s representatives? Sure, there are some folks who like bad movies, myself included, but when something is nearly unanimously panned, something went wrong along the way and that something is an absolutely inexcusable oversight.

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Perri Nemiroff is a film critic and movie addict. When she’s not writing about movies, she’s making some of her own while pursuing an MFA in film at Columbia University.

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