Box Office Results: July 8-10, 2011


Paramount and DreamWorks action threequel Transformers: Dark of the Moon easily remained on top of the box office this weekend despite competition from two new films.  Both comedies, R-rated Horrible Bosses from New Line Cinema and Sony’s PG family film Zookeeper, starring Kevin James, enjoyed solid debuts and will likely hold up well over the next few weeks.

Overall the Top 10 films generated an estimated $141.2 million, down about 22.6% from last year when Universal’s animated hit Despicable Me ($56.4 million opening) and 20th Century Fox’s sci-fi/action reboot Predators ($24.8 million opening) pushed the overall Top 10 to a total of $182.5 million.  With the release of the final Harry Potter film this weekend, the box office should be up a substantial amount over last year when Warner Bros.’ Inception and Disney’s live action The Sorcerer’s Apprentice opened.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon remained strong this weekend, dropping only 52% from last weekend.  The film collected an estimated $47 million this weekend, pushing its total to a towering $261 million after two weeks.  In comparison, the second film in the franchise, Revenge of the Fallen had grossed $293.4 million at this point in its cycle.   Dark of the Moon is only running 11% behind its predecessor; pretty impressive considering that the film was expected to gross about 25% less despite premium surcharges for 3D showings.  At this point, it seems that Transformers 3 will likely be the biggest box office hit of 2011 unless Harry Potter 8grosses more than its successors and the fourth Twilight film (released this November) out grosses the third film in the saga.

New Line Cinema’s Horrible Bosses landed in second place for the weekend grossing $28.1 million.  This is the fourth R-rated film this summer to enjoy a strong opening behind BridesmaidsThe Hangover Part II and Bad Teacher.  The film was helped by strong reviews from critics and a large ensemble cast that features Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey and many others.  Strong word of mouth will help Horrible Bosses stay potent over the next few weeks and the film may make it to a final gross north of $100 million.

Sony’s Zookeeper starring Kevin James opened in third place with an estimated $21 million.  While this wasn’t as strong a debut as James’ last solo outing, Paul Blart: Mall Cop ($31.4 million opening), that film opened in the much less competitive month of January.  The film also opened in a marketplace that has seen the last few family films (Kung Fu Panda 2, Cars 2, Mr. Popper’s Penguins) under-perform at the box office.  Although expectations for the film were higher, Kevin James can take solace in the fact that his animal film opened better than fellow comedian Jim Carrey’s Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  Having seen the film this weekend, I can tell you that Zookeeperis a real crowd pleaser and the perfect family film.  I highly recommend it (the audience actually clapped at the end of the screening I attended).  The good news for Sony is that the film will likely hold up well for the next few weeks (with only The Smurfs opening on July 29th to challenge it) and should post solid mid-week numbers with all the kids off from school.

To see how the rest of the top 10 performed, check out the chart below.

1. Transformers: Dark Of The Moon
4107 screens ($11.5K per screen)
Bill said $39.2M
Last weekend $97.9M
Down 52%
Cume $261.0M

2. Horrible Bosses
3040 screens ($9.2K per screen)
Bill said $27.0M
Cume $28.1M

3. Zookeeper
3482 screens ($6.0K per screen)
Bill said $32.0M
Cume $21.0M

4. Cars 2
3990 screens ($3.8K per screen)
Bill said $13.7M
Last weekend $26.3M
Down 42%
Cume $148.8M

5. Bad Teacher
2962 screens ($3.0K per screen)
Bill said $7.7M
Last weekend $14.5M
Down 38%
Cume $78.8M

6. Larry Crowne
2976 screens ($2.1 per screen)
Bill said $7.6M
Last weekend $13.1M
Down 52%
Cume $26.5M

7. Super 8
2292 screens ($2.1K per screen)
Bill said $5.3M
Last weekend $7.9M
Down 39%
Cume $118.1M

8. Monte Carlo
2473 screens ($1.5K per screen)
Bill said $3.4M
Last weekend $7.5M
Down 49%
Cume $16.1M

9. Green Lantern
2015 screens ($1.6K per screen)
Bill said NA
Last weekend $6.6M
Down 52%
Cume $109.7M

10. Mr. Popper’s Penguins
1996 screens ($1.4K per screen)
Bill said $2.8M
Last weekend $5.5M
Down 49%
Cume $57.7M

TOTAL $141.2M

Bill’s overall Top 10 prediction was $141.6M

Bill’s accuracy was 99.7%

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