Who Are Those Crazy Harry Potter Fans Camping Out In Line For Midnight Shows?

Curious who those crazy and enthusiastic Harry Potter fans are, the ones who camp out in line for hours, waiting to see the film on opening day? Meet Christina.

Christina, 20, is a die-hard Potter fan (books and films). Her goal today was to be first in line for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part One , which premieres worldwide this weekend. We found her in line more than 10 hours before the 12:01 AM midnight show at a local cinema, head of the class, leading the charge, so early that the line behind her stretched only one deep. But don’t worry, before long she’ll be up to her ears in Potter fans, able to twist her head and see a line behind her, a line that she started, a line that stretches as far as the eye can see . . . or at least as far as the theater door.

Maybe you’re like Christina, planted in a line at this very moment, huddled in your makeshift chair, a sweatshirt or blanket hugged tight to your chest, musing about the untold number of people around the globe doing the same thing as you, die-hard throngs waiting at cinemas in Jakarta, Manila, London and New York. Folks lined up outside theater doors in Canberra, Curitiba, Dubai and Milan. Patient people leaning against walls in small towns and state capitols from Asia to the Americas, shifting their feet, bottoms squirming, sneaking off now and then for bathroom runs, munching snacks, playing with their phones, gabbing with friends, old and new.

Many are giddy about the film they’re about to see (even if it doesn’t start for half a day or more). More than this, they know they’re doing something special. Like Christina (nice girl, pleasant personality, not the least bit crazy), they may have grown up with Harry Potter, reading the books time and again, loving the movies, preferring Daniel Radcliffe to Rupert Grint (or the other way around), pulling their sisters along for the ride. Christina’s sister may prefer the Twilight franchise, but she’ll be joining Christina long before the film begins.

The two of them will count down the final hours and shuffle into the theater, watch the lights go down, a buzz of excitement coursing through the crowd. Then the film. Perfect end to a long day, bright start to a new tomorrow.

After all, they’re not wasting a day, they’re creating a memory.

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