Worst Oscars Show Of The Modern Era: 2010 Oscar Lays A Giant Egg

The 2010 Oscars were painful to watch. Three-and-a-half hours of TV hell. It may be the worst and most boring Oscar show of the modern era. Kristen Stewart looked embarrassed to be there and I don’t blame her. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts were rarely funny, lacking chemistry and devoid of the spirit necessary to infuse the proceedings with high energy and fun. This Academy Awards was torture, not entertainment. A detailed review of the Oscars, including the Best and Worst Moments of the night, is forthcoming in the morning. As you might surmise, the Worst Moments are going to outweigh the Best. What, for instance, was that opening musical number with Neil Patrick Harris all about? Utterly forgettable. At one point Harris even said something like, “What am I doing at the Oscars?” Answer: Bombing big time! A giant misstep from which the telecast never recovered. And this after one of the shows producers actually promised us “the most dynamic opening, from drama to spectacle to humor, that has ever been staged.” Yeah, right.

More to come.

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