Best Supporting Actress In A Movie 2009

The nominees for Best Supporting Actress In A Movie I Saw in 2009 are:

Marion Cotillard – she won Best Actress Oscar in 2008 for La vie en rose. I never saw that movie, but she has sparkled since in Nine (see my Nine review) and the film for which she’s nominated here, Public Enemies, as a woman in the 1920′s who gets involved with the wrong man, John Dillinger, played by Johnny Depp.

Emily Blunt – as a directionless woman who joins her sister in a hazardous waste disposal business, but has a penchant for mucking things up, in Sunshine Cleaning (one of the Top 10 Movies I Saw in 2009).

Ahney Her – who plays the smart, friendly and talkative daughter of an Asian family that moves next door to Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino, her first film role (limited release 12/08, I saw ’09).

Sofia Vassilieva – the cancer stricken daughter of Cameron Diaz and Jason Patric in My Sister’s Keeper, the mediocre weeper.

Emma Stone – as the giddy ex with braces, and first ghost to visit Matthew McConaughey in the disappointing Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past.

And the Jabby™ for Best Supporting Actress goes to:

Emily Blunt in Sunshine Cleaning

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