Top 10 Movies 2008

2009 is almost history and Top Ten lists will arrive shortly. But for now, let’s look back one year. Here are the . . .

Top Ten Movies I Saw In 2008:

10. Vicky Christina Barcelona (Woody Allen seems to be back, ‘nuff said)

9. The Lucky Ones (returning army vets take a road trip – life ensues)

8. Priceless (aka Hors de Prix; Audrey Tatou in a French film on the Riviera. what’s not to like?)

7. Twilight (what can I say? it worked.)

6. Sex Drive (best teen sex comedy of the year)

5. The Dark Knight (highest grossing film of the year and deservedly so)

4. Cloverfield (the handheld camera made me queasy but the film kept me going)

3. Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day (Frances McDormand, consistently great)

2. Slumdog Millionaire (can you say dazzling filmmaking!)

And the best movie I saw in 2008 was:

1. The Visitor (independent film starring Richard Jenkins, who usually plays supporting roles)

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