Top 10 Movies 2007

2009 is almost history and Top Ten lists will arrive shortly (some already have). Before recapping 2009, I recently looked back and posted the Top 10 Movies I Saw In 2008. Let’s do it again. This time, two years back. Here are the . . .

Top Ten Movies I Saw In 2007:

10. Stardust (world of fantasy and magic intrude on 1800′s English town)

9. 3:10 To Yuma (good ole fashion Western with Russell Crowe playing bad good)

8. Michael Clayton (Clooney’s best)

7. Live Free of Die Hard (John McClane still has legs!)

6. Hairspray (Zac Efron/Nikki Blonsky/others rock this 50′s era remake with good clean fun)

5. The Kingdom (Peter Berg’s tense Middle East thriller)

4. Across The Universe (Julie Taymor’s spectacular film based on Beatle’s songs)

3. Juno (Ellen Page, Ellen Page, Ellen Page)

2. Waitress (Felicity, I mean, Keri Russell, Keri Russell, Keri Russell)

and the best movie I saw in 2007 was the unforgettable:

1. Once (Dublin, music, love, heartbreak)

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